Volunteer Info

Please fill in the form (CLICK HERE) to sign up to help out at the Irish Pavilion. We’d love to have you!

Our Volunteer Coordinators are beginning to schedule volunteers immediately, and you should receive a confirmation email regarding your shifts within two weeks (turn around time will be shorter as Mosaic approaches). If you do not receive a confirmation email within the designated time, please contact us at volunteer.icr@gmail.com to ensure that your volunteer request has been received. We will be contacting volunteers mainly through email. Please use an email address you check on a regular basis!

**If you are wishing to volunteer for a shift with a friend, both people must submit a registration form and indicate the request in the “Special Request” box found on the registration form.**

Shifts you’d like to work:

Some areas, such as bartending, fill up very quickly so we’d appreciate your flexibility. If you are wanting to volunteer in the bar, please consider helping us out in another area as well. The more flexible folks are, the easier it is to get everyone the shifts they’d prefer!

Helpful Hints with the Volunteer Form

Within the volunteer form please indicate which volunteer positions interest you, what times/days you are available, and all relevant contact information. Please choose as many shifts as you wish!

Please note: If the shift area you have selected is full, you will be notified by email.

The form has also been updated to include a section where volunteers can note if they are volunteering on behalf of a organization, school, or group. Students who are volunteering for school credit will need to check yes to indicate that they will require a reference note or for volunteer hours to be signed off on.


Also, we always need volunteers to help with security. Many people are intimidated by the idea of this position, but they shouldn’t be! The key roles of security volunteers are to check ID’s of individuals buying liquor, supervise any entrance/exits, walk around the perimeter of the building to make sure all is well, and generally keep an eye on things. Security should not get involved with any confrontations if a situation arises. Patrons who are behaving inappropriately will be asked to leave by the Pavilion Managers and if they do not comply, we will contact the Regina Police Service.


We could always use some extra help when it comes to setting up/tearing down the pavilion! On the volunteer form you will have the option to volunteer for set-up in the morning, afternoon and early evening. Depending on the arrival times of material, the exact times for set-up and take down If you are willing to help, you will be contacted by email or telephone with more details regarding times, duties, etc. towards the end of May.

Thank you!

That’s it! Thank you very much for volunteering with us! We need your help to make the pavilion a success!

You will receive a confirmation email once your form has been processed (within two weeks). Again, if you do not receive a confirmation email within the designated time, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at the email address below, to ensure that your volunteer request has been received.

***All volunteer-related emails will come from volunteer.icr@gmail.com, so please make sure you have this address saved to your contacts!***