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Sarah Dodd

The Club received the sad news this past week of the passing of a long standing member and a member of our current executive as a Member at Large, Sarah Dodd.

Sarah passed away on Tuesday, June 15, 2021. Sarah was a member of the Irish Club of Regina for over 20 years. She was a member of the Irish Club Executive serving in several roles on the executive including Vice President and Member at Large. Sarah was also a member for many years of the Mosaic committee and worked every year to help ensure each Mosaic was a success. In 2019 she served as the Entertainment committee lead and worked tirelessly that year to make sure that the entertainment ran smoothly. Sarah had a love for Irish dance. She was a member of the Irish club dancers for many years. Sarah's love for Irish Dance was evident every time she danced when everyone could see the joy in every step she danced. Someone who has known her for several years recently commented she danced like an angel and now she will be dancing with them. The Club will miss her passion for the Irish club and her love of Irish Dance. The Irish Club of Regina sends our deepest sympathies to Issac, Jane and family. Link to Sarah's Obituary:

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